The 2023 Financial Freedom Tracker


Is 2023 the year you are going to get clear, congruent and confident around your finances?

If you answered yes, then raise a celebratory cheeky glass and cheers to your future financial freedom.

How, I hear you ask?

Well, it's holistic, it's practical AF, it's

"The 2023 Financial Freedom Tracker."

A simple to use financial tracking system that will bring you peace, clarity and abundance. 

For our intuition and creativity to flow we need holistic practical structures in place. 

This year we also have a bonus creative's business tracker. This extra tracker has been created specifically for artists, coaches, healers, entrepreneurs that work for themselves.

Along with the tracker, Clare and Oz will gift you a bonus pre-recorded online workshop. They delve into the 8 keys to financial peace and give you a practical demonstration on how to use their 2023 financial trackers. 

  • Please note this product is compatible with MAC, PC and smart phones

" I love how easy the personal finance tracker it is to use. It forced me to look at my spending differently and OMG the bonus information in the workshop about bank accounts, visions and long term fixed expenses was an absolute life saver. Thank you Clare & Oz for creating this. "


"I loved learning about the money archetypes and Clare's raw and real stories. It humanised the process so that it wasn't so dry and painful. I learnt how simple and easy it can be to track your numbers when you have a quality structure and spreadsheet set up for you. I'd recommend this for anyone who feels like they'd like to bring more maturity to their money management habits."


"I loved that it was simple and easy to understand with no jargon or complicated theory. I would recommend it to anyone who has a challenging relationship with money and has no idea where to start improving it. It's a no brainer for someone to kickstart their financial peace of mind."


"Loved this workshop, covered lots of practical content, inspiring, funny, honest anecdotes and plenty of tips to put in place. I would recommend this to everyone!! Sooo good! Especially the financial tracker breakdown."



Oz Alima and Clare Elizabeth Dea are not lawyers, accountants, financial planners, bookkeepers or work in an industry qualified to tell you what to do with your finances. Our insights come through our life experience and following principles we have been taught by others. Our results have come from discipline, research and commitment.

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The 2023 Financial Freedom Tracker with an online workshop to learn how to use it. Bonus 'Creative's Business Tracker' for those who work for themselves.


The 2023 Financial Freedom Tracker

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